Red Rhino believes that wildlife conservation is not only about protecting the wildlife we have now, but also about preserving it for future generations to enjoy. All life is precious, valuable, and deserving of a fighting chance at being conserved. To this end, we proudly support the Endangered Wildlife Trust. 

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is a registered Non-profit, Non-governmental, and Public Benefit Organisation. Since its establishment in 1973, the EWT has become a leading, well-known, and trusted conservation roleplayer. They are committed to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in East and southern Africa to the benefit of all people. To achieve this, they focus on three main strategic imperatives: Saving Species, Conserving Habitats, and Benefitting People. Their critical work includes conducting applied research, supporting community-led conservation, training and building capacity, addressing human-wildlife conflict, monitoring threatened species and establishing safe spaces for wildlife range expansion. The EWT works with key partners, including communities, businesses, landowners, academic institutions, NGOs, and governments, to create a sustainable future for wildlife and people. 

Join us in supporting the EWT and help them to protect forever, together. 

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