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Kreator - Pressure Sprayer - Backpack - 12L

Kreator - Pressure Sprayer - Backpack - 12L

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  • Capacity: 12L
  • Max Operating Pressure: 3bar
  • 4 Different Spray Nozzles 
  • Double Strap Harness

Product code: KRTGR6812


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This multi-functional Kreator pressure sprayer is made of a sturdy transparent plastic and is perfect for spraying plants in large gardens. You can fill it with water, fertilizer or liquid pesticides. Use it to control weeds growing on garden paths and the borders of flowerbeds and you can carry it on your back for more mobility.

Fill the 16L reservoir with water or spraying agent, then pressurize the tank by pumping the handle 6 to 8 times. Aim the nozzle on your plants, press the handle on the lance and done! You’re ready to take on your entire garden.

The pressure sprayer comes with an anti-clog filter, sealing rings, and 4 different attachments. You have a choice between a fan nozzle, a conical and a dual conical nozzle, and a 4-hole nozzle.

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