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Dual Power - 20V Cordless Plunge Saw - Orange (unit only)

Dual Power - 20V Cordless Plunge Saw - Orange (unit only)

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*Batteries and Chargers sold separately
  • Pendular Positions: 4 #
  • Connection Type: T-Shaped Blades
  • Cutting Depth
    • Wood: 80 MM
    • Steel: 10 MM
  • Laser and Guide
  • Adjustable Base
  • Rated Voltage DC (UN): 20 V=

Use with:

  • 20V/40V Charger (POWDP9050)
  • 20V/40V Charger (POWDP9051)
  • Multi Charger 20V/40V (POWDP9055)
  • 20V Battery 2.0ah (POWDP9011)
  • 20V Samsung Battery 2.0ah (POWDP9021)
  • 40V Samsung Battery 2.5ah (POWDP9037)
  • 40V LG Battery 2.5ah (POWDP9038)
  • 40V Samsung Battery 4.0ah (POWDP9040)

Product code: POWDP25400

 This 20 V mini plunge saw from the Dual Power line is ideal for cutting in OSB and chipboards. The saw is equipped with a Ø89 mm saw blade, providing a maximum cutting depth of 28 mm. This is why the saw is suitable for making cabinets, walk-in wardrobes and more. Additionally, this cordless circular saw can also be used for cutting boards and laminate.

Depending on the mounted saw blade, this Dual Power saw is also suitable for stone tiles and soft metal sheets with a maximum thickness of 3 mm. The three-part guide rail ensures perfectly straight plunge cuts. It can be secured with clamps to prevent accidental shifting.

Precise parallel cuts are possible thanks to the parallel guide. Also included is a laser that clearly indicates the cutting line. The patented three-part acceleration module makes a noticeable difference as it helps the tool move more smoothly and less force is required when sawing.

The saw foot ensures the necessary safety. When the saw is put down, the foot comes down automatically and the saw blade is pulled into the safety guard. That way, the saw blade can never accidentally touch the surface. Moreover, the saw can't be activated accidentally thanks to the double safety switch.

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