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Dual Power - 20V Cordless Inflator/Deflator - 11bar (unit only)

Dual Power - 20V Cordless Inflator/Deflator - 11bar (unit only)

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*Batteries and Chargers sold separately
  • Max Pressure: 11bar
  • Air Debit (Capacity): 30l/min
  • USB Port
  • Digital Gauge
  • Rated Voltage Dc (UN): 20 V=

Use with:

  • 20V/40V Charger (POWDP9050)
  • 20V/40V Charger (POWDP9051)
  • Multi Charger 20V/40V (POWDP9055)
  • 20V Battery 2.0ah (POWDP9011)
  • 20V Samsung Battery 2.0ah (POWDP9021)
  • 40V Samsung Battery 2.5ah (POWDP9037)
  • 40V LG Battery 2.5ah (POWDP9038)
  • 40V Samsung Battery 4.0ah (POWDP9040)

Product code: POWDP7030

Sales Sheet

The POWDP7030 is a very compact compressor and easy to transport. Moreover it works while plugged in or running on 20V battery power what makes the tool ideal for use on the move. There is a USB connection for charging your mobile phone e.g. is covered in this portable Dual Power tool.

The maximum working pressure of this compressor amounts to 11 bar. It inflates 20l/min at high pressure and 360l/min at low pressure, whereas it deflates 360l/min. 

The device comes with a three-piece adapter set for connecting air mattresses, beach balls and bicycles tyres. They fit neatly in the storage spaces on the tool itself, just like the power cable and hoses. They don’t stay lying around and won’t get lost.

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