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Kreator - Drill Bit Set - HSS Metal - 19 Pieces

Kreator - Drill Bit Set - HSS Metal - 19 Pieces

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  • Type: HSS Metal
  • Drill Bit specs:
Diameter Length Diameter Length
1mm 35mm 6mm 92mm
38mm 6.5mm 100mm
2mm 48mm 7mm 110mm
2.5mm 55mm  7.5mm 110mm
3mm 62mm 8mm 117mm
3.5mm 66mm 8.5mm 117mm
4mm 76mm 9mm 125mm
4.5mm 79mm 9.5mm 125mm
5mm 86mm 10mm 133mm
5.5mm 92mm


Product code: KRT012003


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This set contains 19 HSS metal drill bits, 1-10 mm in diameter. They can easily drill through metal, synthetic materials, and wood.

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