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Dual Power - 20V Cordless Jigsaw - Orange Combo

Dual Power - 20V Cordless Jigsaw - Orange Combo

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20V Jigsaw:
  • Pendular Positions: 4 #
  • Connection Type: T-Shaped Blades
  • Cutting Depth
    • Wood: 80 MM
    • Steel: 10 MM
  • Laser and Guide
  • Adjustable Base
  • Rated Voltage DC (UN): 20 V=

20V Battery Combo:

  • Battery Capacity: 2000 MAH
  • Average Charging Time: ACDC 40 Min
  • Fast Charging

* Please do not exceed the specified charging time:

  • 20V - 40 min

Over charging can damage and will reduce the battery life span.

Product code: POWDP2530-BC20V

Sales Sheet

The jigsaw POWDP2530 with 4 pendulum positions guarantees an accurate sawing performance. The pendulum action lets you saw faster and in harder materials. The adjustable aluminium base allows the blade to tilt up to 45° to the left and to the right, so you can also make precise angled cuts.

The maximum cutting depth of this 20V jigsaw is 80mm in wood, 12mm in plastic and 10mm in steel, with a rotation speed of 0-2400min-1. This saw is equipped with a side guide and a high precision laser for precise and straight cuts. The blades can be inverted easily thanks to the quick blade change system. The dust extraction adaptor permits a connection to a vacuum cleaner for a clear view of the cutting line and a clean, dust free working environment.

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