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Kreator - Sprinkler + wheels - Pulsating

Kreator - Sprinkler + wheels - Pulsating

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  • Distance control
  • Sector selection: 0° - 360°
  • Sprinkling Diameter: 22m

Product code: KRTGR6503

This sprinkler does not take up much room. Since it needs such little space, your lawn is fully protected. It is equipped with a pair of wheels, so you can move it anywhere with ease.

Its pulsating jet evenly distributes the water over your lawn and garden, with a reach of up to 22 m. You get to choose the spray's distance and pattern. Have it sprinkle in a full circle or at an angle of 1/4 (45°), 1/2 (90°), or 3/4 (135°).

The sprinkler is made of synthetic material and is fitted with a comfortable soft grip handle. It has a universal connection.

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