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Dual Power - 20V Cordless Lawnmower Brushless - 340mm Combo

Dual Power - 20V Cordless Lawnmower Brushless - 340mm Combo

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20V Lawnmower - Brushless: 

  • Push mower
  • Cutting width: 340 mm
  • Cutting heights: 25 – 65 mm
  • Collection bag: 30 L
  • Motor type: brushless
  • Collection bag / rear discharge / mulching
  • Foldable handle
  • Lawn size: 250 m²
  • Rated Voltage: 20V

20V Battery Combo:

  • Battery Capacity: 2000 MAH
  • Average Charging Time: ACDC 40 Min
  • Fast Charging

* Please do not exceed the specified charging time:

  • 20V - 40 min

Over charging can damage and will reduce the battery life span.

Product code: POWDPG75561-BC20V

This Dual Power garden tool is a durable, cordless 20 V battery-powered lawn mower with a mowing width of 340 mm.

The 20 V battery is not included. It is sold separately and can be used on all 20 V Dual Power tools.

What can you do with this lawn mower?

This lawn mower is ideal for small, urban gardens of up to 250 m². You can also use it to maintain your grass edges. There are 5 different cutting height settings between 25 and 65 mm.

If you prefer an electrical lawn mower or have a large garden and need one that’s fuel-powered, be sure to have a look at the other products in the Powerplus range. From grass trimmers to self-propelled and robot mowers. Effortlessly maintain your lawn with Powerplus’ garden tools!

Its strong points:

Adjustable cutting height: You can easily change the cutting height. There are 5 settings between 25 and 65 mm, so you can choose to cut your grass short or leave it a little longer.

Collection bag or discharge: The grass can be collected in the 30 L reservoir which will inform you when it needs emptying. The mower also works perfectly without its collection bag. In that case, the grass is disposed of through the rear discharge.

Comfortable: The battery-powered tool offers the necessary freedom of movement, with no bothersome cables.

Compact: This lightweight allows for easy and compact storage.
Powerful and durable: This lawnmower is even more powerful and durable thanks to the brushless motor. It minimizes vibrations and ensures less time to spend on maintenance.

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