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Dual Power - 20V Palm Sander - Orange (unit only)

Dual Power - 20V Palm Sander - Orange (unit only)

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*Batteries and Chargers sold separately


  • Sanding surface: 140 x 80mm
  • Oscillations width: 1mm
  • Dust collector bag
  • Overload Protection
  • Soft grip

Use with:

  • 20V/40V Charger (POWDP9050)
  • 20V/40V Charger (POWDP9051)
  • Multi Charger 20V/40V (POWDP9055)
  • 20V Battery 2.0ah (POWDP9011)
  • 20V Samsung Battery 2.0ah (POWDP9021)
  • 40V   Samsung Battery 2.5ah (POWDP9037)
  • 40V LG Battery 2.5ah (POWDP9038)
  • 40V Samsung Battery 4.0ah (POWDP9040)

Product Code: POWDP50200

The smallest corners pose no problem for this convenient and cordless 20V palm sander. Its flat-iron shaped sanding plate is very easy to control with just one hand.

The Dual Power device with a rotation speed of 12.000 min-1 works with a 20V or 40V battery, so there are no cables bothering you. This palm sander enables you continue working for a long time. You work during 30 to 45min with a 20V battery, but when you place the 40V battery you continue sanding for 1h30. There’s even no dust troubling your view, because the tool disposes of a self-collection box with filter. That comes in very handy with a sanding machine.

The POWDP5020 comes with no less than 10 sandpapers (2 with grain 80, 4 with grain 120 and 4 with grain 240) with a self-adhesive hook and loop system. This allows replacing the sandpaper simply and quickly.

With the Dual Power battery platform you will save money, because you don’t have to buy a new battery for every tool, as these two batteries – 20V and 40V – fit on the power and gardening tools of Dual Power.

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