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Dual Power - 20V Cordless Ash Cleaner - 20L Combo

Dual Power - 20V Cordless Ash Cleaner - 20L Combo

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20V Ash Cleaner:
  • Tank Capacity: 20L
  • Tank Size: Ø295mm - H300mm
  • Hose Length: Ø36.5mm - 3m
  • Rated Voltage DC (UN): 20 V=

20V Battery Combo:

  • Battery Capacity: 2000 MAH
  • Average Charging Time: ACDC 40 Min
  • Fast Charging

* Please do not exceed the specified charging time:

  • 20V - 40 min

Over charging can damage and will reduce the battery life span.

Product code: POWDP6020-BC20V

A cosy bonfire in your fireplace or an atmospheric barbecue with friends have one thing in common: the POWDP6020 as a useful tool to help you remove the ashes afterwards. 

This vacuum cleaner with high efficiency filter is not only ideal to remove cooled ashes or charcoal remains, but also fit to remove sawdust. The POWDP6020 comes with a 20L-tank and a 2 meter hose with aluminium suction mouth. The cordless Dual Power ash cleaner allows you to work in all liberty. The 20V battery is not included. You simply click it onto any 20V tool of the Dual Power range.

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