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Kreator - Pressure Sprayer - 5L

Kreator - Pressure Sprayer - 5L

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  • Capacity: 5L
  • Max Operating Pressure: 3bar

Product code: KRTGR6805


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This 5 liter Kreator pressure sprayer is made of a sturdy, transparent plastic. You can use it to control weeds on your garden path or along the edges of your flowerbeds, but also to spray your plants. Thanks to the practical shoulder strap, the sprayer is easy to carry around with you.

The scale printed on the transparent casing makes it easy to read how much liquid is left in the reservoir. It can hold up to 5 liters of water or spraying fluids. With a twist of the sprayer's head you can switch between a fine mist or a solid jet. Use the pump at the top to build up pressure.

After use, you simply release the pressure with the pressure valve and thoroughly rinse the reservoir. For easy storage, you attach the handle to the top of the sprayer.

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