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Power Plus - 2500w Pressure Washer - 195 Bar

Power Plus - 2500w Pressure Washer - 195 Bar

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For Domestic Use Only


  • Adjustable Lance
  • Hose length: 8m
  • Max. Pressure: 195 Bar
  • Liq. Debit (Capacity): 468L/hr
  • Rated Power (Pn): Max 2500W
  • Adjustable & Turbo Nozzle
  • Patio Cleaner
  • 10m Pipe Cleaning Set + Connector
  • Metal Spray Gun
  • Brush
  • 8m High Pressure Hose
  • 5m Electric Cable
  • Hose Reel For Pressure Hose
  • Built-In Detergent Tank 1100ml
  • Lance Extension 330mm
  • Aluminium Pump Housing
  • Induction Motor

    Product code: POWXG90425

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    This powerful 2500W high pressure cleaner is fit for heavy use. It has a strong, long-life induction motor that can deliver an impressive water flow up to 468/hour at a maximum pressure of 195bar.

    The high pressure cleaner has an automatic start/stop system. This means that the motor only works when the gun is activated. The result is an easy-to-use cleaning system that at the same time will save a lot of energy and water.

    The POWXG90425 is an all-rounder that can count on a large integrated detergent tank of 1100ml for use with soap or detergents. It also has a convenient 8m hose and a 5m electric cable. This provides a high flexibility and freedom of movement.

    On top of that, the POWXG90425 comes with plenty of accessories. There is the metal gun with adjustable nozzle, a turbo nozzle, a patio cleaner, a lance extension and a 10m pipe cleaning set for clearing blockages in pipes, drains, etc. Each of them useful for a particular application. A quick connector allows a fast and secure connection of the different accessories.

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