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Red Rhino - Lawn Roller - 500mm

Red Rhino - Lawn Roller - 500mm

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  • Width: 500mm
  • Diameter: 315mm
  • Weight: 
    • Sand: 60kg
    • Water: 48kg
  • Sturdy and durable steel. 

Product code: RRLR-5315

 This lawn roller is essential for constructing or grading a nice lawn. With his 50 cm working width, it is very practical and easy manoeuvrable.

For a better result, fill the roller with water (48 kg) or sand (60 kg) and then firmly press the soil. The RRLR-5315 enables you to grade a bumpy terrain or gently press grass seeds into the ground, so they will better germinate.

The device is made of tough and durable steel and is finished with a nice black dye. 

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